DGO is a young spin off of Liège University (Belgium) The company is developping, producing and selling kits and reagents used for the detection, identification and quantification of bacteria, virus or DNA. The technology proposed by the company is Real-Time PCR. The company already propose a whole range of products for the identification and quantification of Genetically modified plant. The company is also developping using the same technology reagents for the human molecular diagnostic market. The company has today 9 employees and a subsidiary in Philadelphia (USA). The last year turnover was about 800 000 Euro and this year expected turnover should be above 1 200 000 Euro. The company has a molecular biology lab and access to all classical molecular biology equipment. DGO has 9 employees including 2 PhDs in molecular biology and one Biologist. 3 employees are working in the R&D departement including a full time PhD on the development of Real Time PCR kits. The company is based within the University of Liège and has a well equiped molecular laboratory as well as access to all necessary equiments for the project.

Expertise in feedsafety projects

SAFEED-PAP (FP6) – Detection of presence of species-specific processed animal proteins in animal feed (https://safeedpap.feedsafety.org/) – project partner

Project team


Dr. Didier Allaer
Av. de l’hôpital 1, CHU Tour GIGA B34, 3 et.

Tel : +32 43642050
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Email : didier.allaer@diagenode.com

Web site : http://www.diagenode.com


Didier Allaer, Renaud Close