FLVVT – Federal laboratory for food and feed safety

FLVVT is one of the 5 laboratories of the Belgian federal agency for the safety of the food chain. The agency is responsible for the control, examination and inspection of foods and their raw materials in all stages of the food chain. The laboratory employs 30 people and performed more than 15000 analyses in 2004. 55% of these analyses were analysed for the inspection services, the other 45% for third parties (private clients). FLVVT is specialised in contaminants (dioxins, PCBs, PAHs, mycotoxins), residues (antibiotics, coccidiostats), vitamins and microscopy (PAPs). FLVVT has done part of the homogeneity studies conducted for the collaborative studies conducted for DG-Sanco in 2003 and 2004.

Expertise in feedsafety projects

CRL-AP – Central Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins (http://www.crl.cra.wallonie.be )

FARIMAL (Be) – New methodology for the species determination of animal products in feeds: combination of micro-spectroscopy techniques and Real-Time PCR (http://www.cra.wallonie.be/research/themes/index.php?fiche=213 ) – project partner

(FP6) – Detection of presence of species-specific processed animal proteins in animal feed (https://safeedpap.feedsafety.org/) – project partner

(FP5) – Strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs (http://www.stratfeed.cra.wallonie.be ) – project partner

Project team


Ir. Jeroen Vancutsem

Tel : +32 (0)2 769 23 11
Fax : +32 (0)2 769 23 30
Email : jeroen.vancutsem@favv.be
Web site : http://www.favv-afsca.fgov.be/



Jeroen Vancutsem, Marc Verschueren