VLA – Veterinary Laboratories Agency

VLA comprises 16 laboratories distributed across England, Scotland and Wales and a central facility in Weybridge, Surrey. The whole organisation employs just over 1400 staff with an annual turnover of approximately £100 million. VLA Luddington is one of VLA’s Regional Laboratories (RL) and the location of the VLAs feed testing unit. It is situated in the middle of the country and employs 28 scientific staff, 4 veterinary staff and a team of 6 staff for local administrative support functions. VLA Luddington is the national reference laboratory for animal feed testing as part of Defra’s national feed audit. VLA is pioneer in the development of methods for the detection of species specific proteins in feed.


Expertise in feedsafety projects

SAFEED-PAP (FP6) – Detection of presence of species-specific processed animal proteins in animal feed (https://safeedpap.feedsafety.org/) – project partner

NRL-AP – National Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins (http://www.crl.cra.wallonie.be )

Project team


Dr Scott Reaney
UK-CV 37 9SJ

Tel : +44 (0)1789 750 212
Fax : +44 (0)1789 750 281
Email : s.reaney@vla.defra.gsi.gov.uk

Web site : http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/vla/default.htm


Scott Reanay, Muralidhar Karanam, Alison Tomlin